Saturday, 27 December 2008

no music

Yesterday I went for a walk to Betondorp, 'concrete village'. It is named that way because when it was built in the 1920's the architects prescribed concrete as the building material for a large part of the village. The village is an exponent of the 'nieuwe zakelijkheid', the 'new business style' of the Amsterdam School.

To get to Betondorp I had to walk through Frankendael Park. The restaurant in the villa was closed, so I couldn't stop here for a cup of coffee as I had planned.

frankendael gates

I walked along the Middenweg past the Frankendael Grand Cafe. Somebody had made a present of it.

the other frankendael

On the way I saw Vincent's new car (in red!).

hell on wheels

At the end of Middenweg is Betondorp, just before you get to Diemen. Half the village is built in brick, the other half in concrete. Veeteeltstraat is the dividing line. The strange building with the space ray gun on top is not a church, I think. Across the road from it is a Hindu temple which doesn't look like a Hindu temple. In Betondorp nothing seems to be what it looks like.

pow! zap! bzzz!

I emerged from Betondorp on the other side, on Rozenburglaan. By this time the sun was getting real low in the sky which gave a magnificent golden light to everything. This tree was really lit up by the sun.

betondorp tree

I made another photo of it which I turned into a black & white photo. It looks completely different this way.

betondorp tree in b&w close-up

I passed under the Gooiseweg motorway where the banks were covered in basalt-like stones. The low sun gave them a golden colour.

colour & texture

I walked along the canal to Amstel station.


From the station I walked across Maliebaan to the Nobelweg and across the Ringvaart. One more photo of the setting sun and I was home.

ringvaart at sunset

In the evening I went to the Cave, the heavy-metal bar on Prinsengracht. I got there by 22:00 because I had heard Artery was playing. Mulligans is closed on Boxing Day and I thought a crowd of people I know would gather here. € 5 to get in because there was a band playing.

Only, there wasn't a band playing and Huby (Artery's bass player who was the only one I knew in the whole bar) told me that another band had cancelled and Artery wouldn't play until after twelve. Huby had friends over from Bulgaria and he was going to show them around the Leidseplein before his gig started. I phoned Collins to see if he was coming out to the Cave. Collins said he wasn't. By this time I was alone in the cave apart from about 50 kids who could be my grandchildren, no place to sit and very loud music I didn't really like.

I walked out the door, got a 'kroket' from the Febo and took a tram to Linnaeusstraat. I walked down to the corner of Tugelaweg where Ed's band 'Chapeau' was supposed to play in the 'Ruk & Pluk' café. When I walked up to the door I heard a man singing very loudly and badly in a terrible Amsterdam accent. People were dancing the polonaise to the music. No Chapeau… I fled home.


Today I had a good sleep-in. It was freezing cold; the weather forecast is for freezing temperatures until after New Year. Ice skating on natural ice will be possible in a few days.

I don't skate, so I didn't have to get my skates sharpened nor did I have to do practive laps at the skating track. All I had to do is my shopping. I bought balsamic vinegar, olive oil, red onions, feta, basilicum, tomatoes and all sorts of other things that might come in handy when you're hungry.

The last shop on the list was Erik's delicatessen where I had a good look at their selection of French cheeses, but in the end decided on a 20+ Leidsche farm cheese. Yum.

french cheeses at erik's delicatessen

Tonight I'm going to Mulligans; 'Stargazer' is playing and I'm sure I'll meet some people that I know. I walked outside, froze off my butt and walked back in again. Nice and warm in my room. Maybe I'll go to the session tomorrow.


Nicole said...

What an awful going out experience. At least you have some bruschetta ingredients now!

Vincent said...

Not much luck with the music there kees. I wonder what those ingredients will be turned in to! ;-)