Tuesday, 9 December 2008

perth is better than cairo

It was raining all day; I walked a few busstops until I was getting too drenched and then hopped on the bus.

At work I spent some time making Christmas cards, Annuals Reports, Bid Books, Websites and other small stuff. I also looked at the specs for 802.11n WAPs. At 16:00 I left again and took the bus to Muiderpoort Station. It was raining again.

muiderpoort station

In Domselaerstraat, at the back of the Academy for Librarians, somebody was having a smoking break at the top of the fire stairs. No umbrella or coat, just a cigarette in the rain.

smoke break

The grass in the garden behind the local council office was still green. It is always a nice spot to walk through; most people keep to the street and don't use the garden as a short cut so it usually is quiet here.


In Vrolijkstraat the rain was still pouring down, so there were no children in the little playground. A great opportunity to make a close-up photo of the giant ice scoop slide.

giant icecream scoop

On Vincent's blog was an item on the speed he was getting between Adelaide and Perth. Strangely enough I had made similar tests on the same website earlier in the evening. Here's the result for my connection to a site in Amsterdam.

amsterdam to amsterdam

And here to Vincent's provider (internode) in Adelaide.

amsterdam to adelaide

The best speeds I got were in Europe and the east coast of the USA (New York, Washington). The west coast (San Jose, Seattle) was a lot slower as was the mid west (Chicago). Connections to Egypt totally sucked…

amsterdam to cairo

As did the connection to Perth. Maybe Perth is just too far on the edge of all maps to get a fast connection.

amsterdam to perth

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