Friday, 5 December 2008


Only two more weeks and the days will start to get longer again (shorter in Oz…). The advantage of long nights is that I sleep really well; my bedroom window faces east and thus the sun shines in my face when it is over the horizon. In winter time it stays away, letting me snore peacefully.

The disadvantage comes when my alarm clock starts to beep. I get up in the dark, have breakfast in the dark and walk to work in the dark.

tugelaweg in the dark

When I got to work there were some people who had got up even earlier than I. They had changed the covering material on our roof and were now hoisting it down to place on a flatbed truck.

big bags of gunk

I spent the day working on a proposal to get an international organisation to come and live with us on the Science Park, and did a bit of work on the Annual Report.

Going home I walked to Celebesstraat and the train tunnel to Polderweg. I hadn't been here in a few weeks and it had changed. The walls of the tunnel were now painted blood red. This looks really nice. Unfortunately, spray painters had been busy on the Polderweg end of the tunnel and not with nice paintings, but just writing their tags. I don't mind graffiti artists when they do something that looks good, but tagging is just ugly. I think taggers should paint the tunnel again, and buy the paint to do it.

the red tunnel

On Polderweg the stone separator that stands between the road and the foot path has red tiles running over the top. The sides are made of very colourful mosaics, and I'll make a photo of that later when the light gets better.

the thin red line

Coming home it was already getting dark again. Across the street I saw a yellow bike which had something strange done to its front wheel. It looked like it had been stuck in place where the steering bar should be?!?

which way is up?

I got a shrimp and chilli pasta salad for dinner. Going back to eating salads seems to help getting the weight down again.


Colin Brace said...

Did you used to live in Tugelaweg? I visited you once there, and I remembered the view out over the train tracks. That would have been in '87 or thereabouts.

Kees said...

That's right, I now live around the corner.