Tuesday, 23 December 2008

teflon ice

I had a good night's sleep and got up late. Not much in the larder, so I ran down the stairs to the AH and got a litre of yoghurt. Mixed with my nuclear muesli from Poland (still the same I got for my birthday!) it made a good breakfast.

Later in the morning I went for a shopping walk-about to the AH on Wibautstraat and Hartog's bakery.

AH wibautstraat

I walked back through Oosterparkstraat where I got some nice ham and meatballs from the butcher. I saw a yellow Deutsche Post bike parked here. I didn't see any of those last weekend in Germany.

deutsche post

The graffiti in the neighbourhood is Copyright by the Walt Disney Company.

© walt disney

In the evening I heard loud music coming from the square. When I looked out of the window I saw they had installed a skating rink on the square. I walked down for a better look.

It was one of the initiatives to take back our neighbourhood from the dealers and junkies. These people don't like it when there's a lot happening in their sales area, so things are organised to attract people to the square.

It worked; no dealers and junkies to be seen on the square. What could be seen was a lot of kids (Moroccan, Turkish and Surinamese) learning how to skate. I talked to the guys who had set up the rink and heard that they couldn't afford a real skating rink with real ice, so they had brought a teflon floor and special skates. The kids were having fun anyway, learning to skate (and how to fall).

teflon ice skating

The skates had special irons, not sharpened in the normal 'hollow' way, but with a flat bottom. This way you can skate on a smooth surface such as teflon. Real ice is a lot more slippery and is better for skating, but this works, too.

red skates

I saw more kids on the skating rink in 5 minutes than I've seen on the square in the last 5 years. The project works.


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