Tuesday, 2 December 2008

twisting my arm

Miss Jo just sent me an email saying "no photos is no excuse for not blogging." OK, here goes:

Sunday evening I went to the session in Mulligans. I met with Siard, Marta and Anna. The ladies were discussing communist-era yoga while Siard and I contemplated designs for his new web site.

siard, marta & anna

When I walked home along the Amstel the Hermitage was lit up in coloured lights. I made a timed exposure, resting the camera on a bridge for support. This way you can still make photos in the dark, but they get boring soon enough.

amstel by night

At work I'm still busy with the annual report; Monday I worked on it the whole day. Today I also worked quite a while on the report, but I also did a design for the cover of JH's doctoral thesis. Last word is that he likes it.

I was waiting for the bus to Middenweg just when the sun was setting over Anna's Hoeve. Click.

anna's hoeve at sunset

I walked down Middenweg to the Ringvaart[!]. It was already after sunset, but resting the camera and changing the settings made this photo look like it was still daylight.

1/20 @ f/2.8 @ ISO800; just like daylight…

I bought two more hoodies at the HEMA and then went home for dinner; noodles with chicken in Thai red curry.

End of blogging under duress.


Vincent said...

What's the deal with the ringvaart[!] photos? Why the exclamation mark? Who is so interested in them?

Kees said...

I don't think anybody is interested in Ringvaart photos, but since I cross the bloody canal at least twice every day it has become a running gag to include either a Ringvaart photo or a mention of the Ringvaart.

Anonymous said...

Miss Jo : Well done Miss Jo !
Kees: I was about to say something to, but didn't wont to pressure you, I was missing the entry aswell,
all the best from
Down Under,