Sunday, 14 December 2008

winter coat testing

There was no wind today and it was near freezing. A perfect excuse to go for a walk and test my new winter coat. I started off by walking past Frankendael.


I turned onto Darwin Plantsoen, where there are gardens in the little park between the street and the motorway. The gardens were closed until spring.

darwin plantsoen gardens

I walked down the western side of Kruislaan towards the Ringvaart, from where I walked to near Amstel Station.

damhattan on the ringvaart

I took a shortcut past the "Omval", and walked to the "Kaap Kot" bar along the amstel. This is a perfect vantage point for making photos of the 'Damhattan' complex.

damhattan on the amstel

Going further along the Amstel I ended up at the Utrechtsebrug, which I crossed. . .


. . .straight into Rijnstraat.

rijnstraat / scheldestraat uiterwaardenstraat

At Victorieplein I turned right onto Vrijheidslaan which I followed to the Berlagebrug.


I crossed Berlagebrug and walked a little along the Weesperzijde from where I took the short route home.


I cooked a tofu, noodle and veggie dinner with hot Szechuan sauce in the wok. I only ate half; the rest is in the fridge for later in the week.

Tonight I'm going to Mulligans for the session and to meet Danny. She has promised to have a look at my Irish sweater which needs mending. Oh, BTW, the winter coat did a great job!


Colin Brace said...

damhattan on the amstel

Very nice. Great angle.

Vincent said...

That Damhattan photo is fantastic indeed. I like the name as well.

The Rijnstraat is crossing the Uiterwaardenstraat there by the way, not the Scheldestraat. And you are looking straight towards our old apartment!