Monday, 15 December 2008


At the coffee corner at work around 10:00 this morning, most of my colleagues from the computer group had gathered wearing their warm winter coats. We were going outside where the builders were laying the foundation for the new extension to our data centre.

Since our building is in a polder and the ground is soft as a custard pudding the builders need to drive piles into ground for the foundation. This 'first pile' ceremony is always celebrated in Holland 'con gusto'.

Before the pile was driven into the ground the builders had to do a bit of welding.


Normally you'd get a lot more people to attend, but today and tomorrow is also the institute's scientific 'Jamboree', so all the guys with PhDs had gone to the Zoo where they were meeting. We hope they'll let them go again after the meeting.

watching the proceedings

After some more welding and coffee the little pile driver that could finally started pounding in the pile.

pounding it in

It took only a few minutes to hammer it into the ground. Soft as butter, the ground is.

job done.

My colleague J had found a couple of bottles of Champagne and handed them to my boss, W. He was a bit scared of opening the bottles.

will it go 'whooosh!!!?'

I didn't partake of the champagne; 10 AM is a bit early for me to start swilling alcohol. I had coffee instead. I also took a 'moorkop', a chocolate and whipped cream concoction that the contractor treated us to. Yummy.

The rest of the day I spent updating the apache http daemon on our websites, rereredoing the layout on the bid book (they decided they do like the design they didn't like at first) and creating some more artwork for the annual report.

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