Thursday, 1 January 2009

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As tradition would have it, new year's eve was celebrated in Mulligans where the whole clan had gathered.

The whole set of photos is on my Flickr photo pages, so look there for more festivity.

the crowd

Barry had come over from Ireland to be with Anna; later in the night they disappeared to a party across the road.

barry and anna whispering

Danyy had knitted a Santa hat and we all had to try it on. It's was very warm, probably comfortable in the cold, but too warm for inside.

silly hat season: daniel and marion

Give Danny a glass of whiskey and she starts to giggle…

marion, danny and yours truly

Mic's wife Mickey looked stunning in her evening dress. I wished more people would dress up for these occasions; it ads to the festive mood. I was wearing my "I'm only here because my server is down" T-shirt. My server wasn't down, but it was a good excuse to go to the pub.

daniel, dick and mickey

Daniel was also wearing a nerd-shirt; check out the Flickr set for details.

brothers in arms: mic and daniel

Later in the night Birgitte walked in; she's over for the holidays from Oz. Saturday there will be a dinner for all her friends at Jon K's house.

beautiful birgitte

After 24:00 we all gathered outside to see the fireworks. The fog had lifted so you could actually see some of the larger rockets going up on Nieuwmarkt. The sound was like an artillery bombardment.

waiting for the war fireworks to begin

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Vincent said...

Cool photos! I'm gonna look at your flicker set now :-)