Saturday, 3 January 2009

birgitte's party

Last night was Birgitte's dinner party at Jon K.'s house. The whole set of photos is up on both FaceBook and Flickr, so here's small selection.

A lot of people brought food; Miriam had made a few delicious quiches and Mic had baked two apple pies. Marina had made two type of chicken legs, tandoori and hot chilli as well as a spinach and feta pie; all very good. Jon had produced his famous chilli chips. I ate too much of it all…

Somebody had brought chocolates in two varieties: chocolate covered almonds and chocolate covered liquorice. When I presented Collins one of the liquorice chocolates I thought he would explode; he took a bite, looked horrified and said "you could have warned me it had liquorice inside!" He then ran to the toilet.

hen legs

There was good variety in booze, too. I made a discovery: A while ago I met with Collins and Nantko in Cafe Eijlders on Leidseplein. They had only one Irish whiskey there, a Bushmills, but I couldn't see clearly what type of Bushmills it was. I liked the taste of it, though, and tried the better Bushmills in Mulligans. They weren't the one. Now Danny had brought a bottle of the normal, run of the mill Bushmills White Label. That was the one I'd been looking for. I have a cheap taste, obviously.

in the mood for booze in the hood

Dick, Mic and Sass had brought their guitars. Even Birgitte tried her hand at playing, even though she hadn't done so in a long time.

playing guitars

Everybody had brought cameras, so there were a lot of people making photos of people making photos…

making photos of people making photos

All in all a very enjoyable evening with a group of good friends.

collins washed the dishes


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