Wednesday, 14 January 2009

on yer bike...

The last couple of days I didn't make any photos because my feet were hurting so much that I took the bus to and from work. This morning at 08:30 the doorbell rang and the delivery guy from the mail order company brought my exercise bike up the stairs.

I had ordered the thing way before Christmas, so I was happy to finally see it arrive. I started unboxing it immediately.

the box

The body was the biggest part to come out of the box. It has an 11 kg fly wheel.

the body

I placed all bits and pieces on the floor to see what was what. The big black box is not part of the bike, but will be my 'new' linux server. It's an old Dell 8300 which I bought from work.

the parts

The whole bike is put together with only two tools, a combined allan wrench / philips screwdriver and a little spanner.

almost finished

When I got to the last part, the ergometer computer, I couldn't find the bolts to fit it to the column. I went down the stairs to the hardware shop around the corner and got 4 M5x10 bolts for the princely sum of €0.75.

When I tried to find the bolt holes to put the bolts in it dawned on me that there were already bolts in the holes… All other bolts had been wrapped separately and were chromed. These were screwed on and black on a black background. €0.75 waisted…

ready for entertainment…

After setting the computer's time and reading (part of) the manual I dressed down to shorts, t-shirt and sneakers and gave the bike a whirl. Forty minutes later I was sweating like a pig and gasping for air as if it was my last breath.

I read the rest of the manual. It turned out I had selected a program for 20-year old athletes in top condition. I should have started with a 5 to 10 minute easy program and build up over time. Oops. Luckily I didn't die on the spot of a heart attack.

One thing I have noticed: it is a lot easier on my feet than walking. And, with either a documentary on the laptop or my own music on the stereo it is also a lot more comfortable than in the gym.


Vincent said...

That's fantastic! I hope you will spend many hours on the bike :-)

Funny to read about the bolts. I had the same thing with our cross trainer except that I noticed them in time. Bunnings is a 20 minute drive away...

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