Friday, 2 January 2009

sashimi in the zushi

I'd been working on Kate's web site, and she had promised to take me out for a sushi lunch as a 'thank you'. I suggested going to the Zen on Frans Halsstraat as I had been there before with Nicole and liked it very much. We were going to meet at 13:00, so I started walking towards the west. First across the Amstel.


At the Sarphatipark I turned right towards the Albert Cuyp market. Here I saw a very nice riksha. I don't know if it is for rent or just an ornament for the Badcuyp Music Centre and Restaurant. Around this time Kate sms'ed me to say she'd be 30 minutes late.

albert cuyp riksha

I made it to the Zen in time. It was closed for holidays until the 13th, so I walked back to O'Donnell's on Heinekenplein for a cup of coffee and let Kate know where I was. She suggested going to the Zushi on Amstel instead. Fine with me. I walked down the Vijzelstraat and onto the Amstel, where Kate was already waiting for me in the Zushi.

The Zushi is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. The chef prepares the different dishes and places them on coloured plates on the belt. The colour of the plate is an indication of the price.

japanese fast food

It tasted very good. I stayed on the healthy side by eating little rice and lots of oily fish, full of omega 3 and 6 goodness.

after the meal

Because I hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast at 08:00, and it was now around 14:30, I was pretty hungry. Kate looked in awe at the amount of sushi I could put away. Hey, I love Japanese food, and if it is free…

fear and loathing in amsterdam

We went up to Kate's apartment. She lives on the 5th and 6th floor in a building across the Amstel from Mulligans. From her balcony you have a grand view of the Amstel . . .

view from kate's balcony

. . . and from her roof terrace an equally stunning view of the city.

view from kate's roof terrace

I took a bunch of photos to see what could be used on her web site and left again. I walked down to Waterlooplein where, after taking this photo, I discovered I'd left my gloves at Kate's apartment.

shoppers at waterlooplein

By the time I got to the end of the flea market, my hands were freezing. I saw a stall with hand knitted gloves from Nepal, only € 1.– per pair. Best investment this winter so far. These gloves are really warm and comfortable. Better than the ones I forgot at Kate's!.

hand knitted in nepal, €1.–

I walked down the Weesperstraat and took the usual route home.


Anonymous said...

Beut wiew from Kate's appartment!
Love the gloves!

Nicole said...

I hate it when Zen-lady is on holiday!!! It's so disappointing!

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